Leadership Team

Charlene Burke


Charlene is a Marketing and Search Consultant and the owner of Search by Burke, and Grow Because You Know. She has an intense curiosity about people, places, business, and products that has refined her marketing, research, and analytical skills. With stints in engineering and manufacturing, retail and non-profits, education in Business/Marketing and Electronic Engineering/Robotics, she has experience in manufacturing, processes, sales and customer service. She is an experienced Mastermind Group facilitator, author of multiple ebooks, a speaker/presenter and trainer. She hosts a live stream Morning Mindset program focused on discussing and learning leadership skills and enjoys learning more about herself while helping others to grow in their personal and professional development.

Christian Williams


Christian Williams is a Life Coach and principle founder of CWill Inspire and CWill Media.

Christian brings extensive experience in organizational leadership from his time as, a local community leader, a Board Officer at CSNDC, and co-chair of a city wide planning initiative in Boston, MA.

Now a premium Life Coach with a specialization in Leadership Development and Organizational Impact he is committed to guiding passionate people to clarify and act from the power of a vision, design a plan for impact and instill habits of excellence so they can realize meaningful goals in their lives and communities.

Aaron Riggs


Aaron is a technologist with experience in data-center management, Web development, and creative solutions.

Through relationships and positive emotional energy, Aaron has helped many people overcome difficulties in life and business. As a certified massage therapist, his intentions of helping and healing transfers from individuals and teams through to the daily activates of business.

His focus is on People, teamwork, and synergy. Though workgroups and projects he helps to focus the actions and contributions of many into a common goal.