Planning your success


Planning Your Success Make an educated decision Schedule each activity Follow through on each and every step Take a look at the successful people out there in the world. They are successful at being themselves. Find someone you aspire to be like, take a look at their actions, and take notes. Follow their lead, and […]

More about Leadership


Grabbing Success, Love, and Wealth. Expect to give respect Appreciate those who help Inspire and be inspired   –Love thru inner & outer leadership   It is interesting how leadership can influence relationships. The leader is part of every aspect of a project, and this includes the feelings of each and every individual on the […]

Leadership and your success


Leadership and your success   Leaders follow their followers lead Leading yourself is key Leadership vs. management   –What is a leader?   The captain of a ship, the CEO of a company, the foreman of a construction crew. The leader is the one person the people come to for direction, for inspiration, to take […]

Experience and face your fears

Installation Instructions for the Ultimate You   Life Can be rough, get over that part of it Practice taking action regularly Before it becomes too much fun and easy, it is a challenge   –Experience/Face your fears   Courage is a very interesting concept to me.  It can’t exist without fear. Courage only exists when […]

Recipe for cooking your own success


    Clarify your plan Exactingly clarify your plan Specifically clarify your plan How can I emphasize enough, Have a Very Clear Plan   Now that you know who you really are and have a good idea of exactly where you are, you must consider where you want to go. This was one of the […]

Reality Check: Ideal Lifestyle Creation


    —Laugh or Cry, it’s your party   You’re basically the captain of your own ship, the coach of your own home team, and the leader of yourself. A successful leader commands respect from dedicated followers. Be a dedicated follower of your own success so your inner leadership can develop. Let your inner leader […]

Purpose, Passion, Vision and Mission


Purpose, Passion, Vision and Mission   — Fighting for something and losing or fighting for nothing Some things in life are just impossible to fight against. I think of the Colorado River when I go to Laughlin NV. There is no way someone can swim against the current of that river. Some things are like […]

Are you looking into a funhouse mirror


Are you looking at a Flat or funhouse mirror Look at yourself. The Successful, the facade, the guts, the glory, and all the skeletons in your closet. Knowing you do not like to write (like Dave) or just can’t make a graphic look right (Like me), is only the first part. You have to find it, […]

Know what your are

never give up

— Know what your are, but also know what your are not. This and the next article I will post is dedicated to the inner self, finding the “YOU” that might be lost in the hectic rat race of society. Individual motivations, purpose, reason, perspectives, positions, likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses…   Know yourself, but also know where […]

The “Comfort Zone”

All in

–– The ‘comfort zone’ holds us back from happiness Beyond the negative is the ‘comfort zone’, the status quo, and leaving well enough alone. Success is not well enough. Many people spend all their effort to keep things the same, when undoubtedly everything must change. Get out of that comfort zone, take some risk. I […]